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SSCI has been providing end user customers, with complex automated solutions that involve biometric identification, information technologies and processing, or both in combination. Applications of biometric technology include federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, welfare and benefit agencies, and national governments.

All biometric systems are dependant on the reliability and accuracy of the information gathered from the participating population. SSCI has developed, integrated and deployed user friendly biometric acquisition equipment. We have expertise integrating fingerprint capturing devices, such as Cogent, Identix and Cross Match fingerprint capture devices, weather electronic or on paper we are able to capture and process the biometrics, and hence have it available for either a 1 to 1 or 1 to N match.

SSCI’s has a vast knowledge of relevant immigration, inspections and biometrics enforcement information systems, we can assist in program development and implementation.  We also have extensive domain experience in border crossing and security, we can provide program requirements implementation, management consulting for proposal responding for large primers or request for proposal writing for government.

SSCI has extensive experience developing positive identification systems and enterprise architectures for customers such as DOJ/INS, DHS/ICE and the Transportation Security Administration, we can contribute our expertise in biometrics and systems engineering.